Workers quarters, grading and packing area, meeting and discussion space, storeroom for agricultural equipment, seeds and solutions – these are just some of other spaces a farmer needs to make room for apart from his agricultural plot/s. Much work had to be done to accommodate the two containers we finally decided on. After weeks of research and mulling over cabins or containers, we went with the hardier of the two. We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the two 20ft x 8ft container units (for a start), which will be used as accommodation space and as a chiller store. But before the containers could come, there was much prep work apart from the daily farming chores. For many of us, it was a first levelling the ground where the containers would be placed, digging trenches for a more secure foundation, etc. The company we purchased the container units from also had to recce the area to ensure their trailers ferrying the containers can access the narrow path into the allocated area. Watch our video, showing the skilled trailer driver and our management and farmhands working together to receive our purchase. Fingers crossed, workers and produce will be happier now with their newer and comfier boarding house; for now, it’s two (touched) down.