From two legged to four legged, creepy crawlies and winged creatures, as well as cute furballs and the not-so-cute hairy-scary animals – there are all sorts of lifeforms living on our farm alongside us humans. Adorable as some may be, there are also those that are considered ‘pests’ that are harmful to crops.

Step into this vegetable farming area in Sepang, Selangor and you’ll be able to see cows, cats, chickens, even goats, ducks and geese, as well as snakes, monitor lizards, ants, flies and fish.

Tread softly and you can come up close to see a wide variety of feathered species of various colours, big and small. There is the white burung bangau which seems to be like a cow’s best friend. These birds are seen hanging around the cattle simply because they feed on the ticks and dung. But apart from them, the kingfisher is a regular sight and its blue feathers are a sight to behold, which could explain why a bird watcher recently came by.

The sight and sound of frogs and toads are not rare especially now with the rainy season. The animal and insect orchestra seem to have upped their volume (and volume). Paired with the sound of raindrops beating on the metal and plastic drums, it’s somewhat like music to the ears. But some of these peskies are detrimental to our produce, the reason why we recently hung up some yellow sticker cards which have proven effective.