​Who on Earth would like to receive anything that has gone ‘off’? Recently, there was a case of Golden Dragon mangoes, the best one could indulge in, in which a batch (of fruit) that was perfect on the outside, wasn’t quite so on the inside.

The skin, texture, and even sweet fragrance were all signs of the perfect fruit. But when (the ripe fruit was) cut open, (some) looked ‘off’ on the inside. How disappointing for one who made the purchase and were looking towards sinking their teeth into the fleshy, sweet and succulent fruit.

According to those from the agricultural background, it happens. And the farmer would have had no idea, even having sold off his produce to wholesalers and fruit traders. Unfortunate for the end consumer who purchases these fruits.

The point I am trying to make here is that no one along the food (in this case fruit) chain line could have known that these fruits were ‘spoilt’… At least not until later when the feedback starts pouring in. Apart from the positive comments from the lucky who found joy in devouring their flawless fruit/s, others were complaints, naturally.

While there were some who demanded (for) their money back, there are some, especially those with experience growing their own produce, better still mangoes, who were more ‘accepting’ as they understood. From bad seeds to infested trees, bugs, bacteria, even inappropriate storage conditions they said. Still, woe to the farmer (and to an extent, all those along his fruit chain) to whom such fate has befallen.