It is important to keep moving many people say. I guess it helps one from being stagnant. But it has more than just kept me going. Personally, this ‘keep moving mindset’ has helped me stay positive. It has sort of added sunshine to a day and has given me the confidence when and where it was lacking.

I remember taking my mum who is a retiree, on a couple of short and easy hikes. She was in her mid-70s then. She felt tired along the routes but gained more energy and strength after completing the hikes, even while she faced some aching muscles afterwards.

Keeping oneself mobile and on-the-go helps improve muscle strength, stability, balance and coordination. Move at your own pace but keep moving. You don’t need to run a marathon or climb Everest.

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “You don’t stop moving from growing old; but you grow old when you stop moving.”

Without regular activity, your body slows down; it loses its strength and stamina to function properly. So, keep moving. Try new things to keep that spark in life! Apparently, there is scientific evidence that regular physical activity leads to healthier and happier lives.