They say that life is full of lessons but only for those who want to learn. The minute we are born, we never stop learning, right until our very last breath.

And today, I learned that there is a new species of dragonfruit in ‘town’. We all know the red dragonfruit with the red flesh and the one with the white flesh. Some of us are privileged to have had the opportunity to try the not-so-easy-to-get yellow dragonfruit which has a tinge of lemon in its taste and smell. But rarely do we even see this new species of dragonfruit – the Ecuador dragonfruit – on shelves in fruit shops and supermarkets. It’s now available for purchase through Hive Mind Ventures.

Keep your eyes peeled for a short video interview with the father and two sons who brought in this new species and visit Hive Mind Ventures on Facebook to put in your order and receive this exquisite “King of Dragonfruits” before Chinese New Year! They’re seasonal and only available for a short time!

But that’s not all… Did you know there is a half-and-half dragonfruit which flesh is a mix of red and white? Yes, there is. And we have these, along with the yellow as well as the red and white ones all available now for order.