The sun’s been shining brightly in all it’s glory but super hot it’s been, affecting farmer’s produce and naturally, farmer’s income. For the quick-thinking ones who were “faced with lemons”, they made “juice” and survived the heatwave. Others were left with no choice but to face the “dry season”.

You could say that the high temperatures and dry spell left most fruit and veggie growers in Sepang in a “hot spot”. Their earnings were affected as their produce were scarce, some even naught. The sweltering heat and no rain left natural water sources dry. The plants, and naturally, its produce, were affected.

Farmers who managed to deliver produce had market owners and their end-consumer customers up in arms over the B-, C- and even D-grade fruit and veggies. From small-sized to blemished, some farmers were “sweating it out” in every sense of the word; their trees were not flowering, hence, no fruit/veggie, which meant no income. Due to low supply, there was demand, and of course prices rise.

May the Great Mother be kind to us with blessings of rainfall … enough to keep our farms fresh with produce and short of showers that flood.