There’s a saying that if you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find joy in everything. But I didn’t have to look hard as these precious moments caught my eye by chance. And so it is, here at the farm I work at in Sepang, where every day, during the course of physically demanding duties, I get to experience small bouts of joy.

From the sunrises and sunsets; the excitement seeing our trees bear fruit; the joy in watching the seeds planted sprout their first two leaves; the bossy cat and (literally) scardy cat warming up to you; the unexpected sighting of snakes crossing your path (or vice versa); frogs haphazardly hopping to safety; beautiful butterflies keeping company when harvesting; birds of striking coloured feathers showing off their flying skills; etc.

But it was truly exhilarating to have a baby eagle on my hand. After eye-to-eye contact, it understood that I was not a foe but a friend and both bird and I were at ease – ‘twas a magical moment indeed.