Now here’s a tough cookie to say no to! Some 30 years ago, a friend gave Sandra a tin of biscuits. It was SO good that she had to ask for the recipe. Sandra, being Sandra – known for her homemade kaya, curry puffs, yam cake, seafood keropok, jams, mooncakes and Nyonya chang – is now also famous for these “Hup Toh Soh” cookies.
What cookies? The older Chinese community will probably go “aaaaah” as it is a traditional biscuit and usually available around the Chinese New Year festive season. But there is no restriction in enjoying these delectable little golden nuggets, especially when those who have tried Sandra’s version find it hard to resist reordering when their supply is almost finished.
“There is no lard, no nuts although the shape of the cookie looks like a walnut,” Sandra informs.
There’s a saying that “lesser said is best”, so I shall not say more but urge you to try these cookies … really like no other. Order from Hive Mind Ventures at 010-288 6848. It’s just RM50 for 2 containers, or one for RM28. Trust me – get two! There are times you must treat yourself and give in to your cookie cravings.