It wasn’t about getting the feel of a Triumph brassiere, not with three guys on this trip, instead an experience that was tons more exciting.

Thanks to Triumph Petaling Jaya, the Brit motorbiking marque, four friends had the opportunity to test out some of their cool bikes, together. And with riding buddy D Fareh and his GoPro and movie-making skills, I managed to create a short video clip of our test ride.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get much footage of the ride as it was done on a weekend and traffic was horrendous. However, all of us agreed that the bikes were superb!

Here are some points worthy of mention:

Tiger 1200cc – Other than its lean, mean, muscular facade, its agility and power got high scores from us. Its road handling and suspension are outstanding.

Rocket 3 2500cc – High on comfort, torque and style and hit the roof with its killer looks. If you think the Rocket 3 GT is one head-turner, you’ll drool on seeing the Rocket 3 R (especially the Korosi Red).

Speed Twin 1200cc – Classic look meets modern innovation; one of those bikes you can hop on and off and ride with ease, and no worry in the power department.

I am a novice at this (creating videos) but am adventurous enough to learn and improve. So have a look at what a small collaborated (huge) effort managed to come up with:

Click here to watch the video